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LAB71 ARCHITETTI is born from the collaboration of Giovanni Castellano and Massimiliano Gotti Porcinari.
Studio is located in Rome and it deals with architectural design, interior design, installations and exhibitions, mainly oriented to clients business (micro, small, medium and large companies), government agencies and “no-profit“.

Design for us means:

  Daring beyond the limits of usual,
to combine innovation, quality and performance.
  Reflecting on alternatives,
to find the one that best responds needs.
  Investigate every particular,
to build a high quality project.
  Leading the process,
to ensure an excellent final result.
  Urging the professional figures involved,
to meet deadlines.
  Advising the client,
to make the most budget.




Our Awesome Team

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills, thoughts, and ideas to the project.

Giovanni Castellano

Giovanni Castellano

Chief executive officer View Details
Massimiliano Gotti Porcinari

Massimiliano Gotti Porcinari

Principal and creative director View Details
Filippo Seganti

Filippo Seganti

Architect View Details
Giovanni Castellano

Giovanni Castellano

Chief executive officer

Giovanni Castellano is a licensed architect, chief executive officer of LAB71 architetti. He founded it in 1994 in partnership of Massimiliano Gotti Porcinari. He is an expert of management in construction sites. He has a supervision on the design process and takes care principally in management and relations with clients, builders and suppliers.

Master’s degree in Architecture at Sapienza University of Rome. Course in Project Management and Project Control in construction.

Every difficulty is an occasion to make an excellent design. Context, client’s desires and necessities, style and imagination. These elements are the energy in design. The final result must be a combination of art and technique.

Massimiliano Gotti Porcinari

Massimiliano Gotti Porcinari

Principal and creative director

Massimiliano Gotti Porcinari is a licensed architect and assistant professor at BAU – Beirut Arab University in the Faculty of Architecture Design and Built Environment.

Graduate with honors at Sapienza University of Rome, he has obtained a Ph.D. in “Architecture, theories and design” at DiAP Department of Architecture and Project at Sapienza, University of Roma.

Design and research, architecture is a mixture of practice and theory, imagining new kinds of space that can trigger a wish to live and enjoy. His main attention is on the users and their movement inside the architecture. Sensitive to the contamination between new techs, sociology and architecture.

Filippo Seganti

Filippo Seganti


Some Facts About Us

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more designs. As a result we deliver a better experience.


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Our Service

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice. Our teem is happy to assist you with know-how and experience in your daily business.


Design , from preliminary design to details, for single family homes as for complex building structures. Recovery and redevelopment projects.


Design of spaces and scenes for temporary events, trade fairs, cultural exhibition and convention. From concept to communication.

Interior Design

Redesign and optimization of the quality of the interior spaces, design in detail of furnishings, lighting and finishing materials for the areas of corporate, commercial, hotel and residential.

Project Management

Direction and control of all activities involved in the construction process. Project management, construction management, art direction and economic management of the process.

Integrated Planning

Direction of all design activities (architectural, structural, engineering, lighting, environmental) to get an excellent final result.

Professional Advise

Control and monitoring operations, evaluations and estimates, feasibility studies, technical expertises and estimations, technical and administrative testing.




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