LAB71 Architetti

LAB71 Architetti is a project research laboratory in architecture and design, which imagines and invents, prototypes and implements innovative projects in response to the continuous changes and needs of contemporary society.

He has been collaborating for several years with major Italian companies in the design of communicative spaces and scenarios for brand and corporate identities, working on the research for new sustainable qualities of architectural spaces and his experiences in the public and private sectors. The use of the BIM methodology allows a new conjunction between design, construction and management phases.

Collaboration and experimentation

We believe in a participatory process where all players, designers, customers and users are involved in the conception, creation and use of spaces, reinterpreting the concept of authorship in a new way.

Research is the most powerful tool we have to push our ideas beyond our thoughts, to interpret our context and anticipate needs and solutions. Prototyping allows us to test different solutions to choose the most effective.

Communication and sustainability

Engagement of user in the architectural space, to trigger a process of interaction between place and recipients, so that they appropriate, use and reinterpret it.

Sustainability not only from a technical or technological point of view. Designing today means considering all the economic, environmental and social implications right from conception phase to obtain resilient spaces, open to all diversities and with complete sustainable cycles.


Our method



Designing is a fascinating and mysterious journey, which starts from the imagination to go step by step through alternatives and comparisons, up to reality. In both architecture and design, we design the user experience, in its interaction with spaces, how he perceives messages, in a complete environmental balance.