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V2G, acronym of “Vehicle to grid”, that is “from vehicle to grid”, is a system where electric vehicles communicate intelligently with the electricity grid; exchanging power from grid to cars and opposite in according to several parameters. Cars can be used, for example, as energy accumulators or suppliers of electricity to the grid, becoming, in this way, tools in stabilizing energy flows and in facilitating peak management.

The design concept for the new V2G Terminal, a large area within the Mirafiori plant, was drawn up in order to present to the press the largest V2G infrastructure in the world. An open architecture that looks and communicates with outside where transition and dialogue between open and closed spaces is gradual and constant.

The project also includes the design of a specific “V2G” logo for the communication campaign. The plant went into operation during 2020, in Turin Mirafiori at the logistics area of Drosso.